Creating an SEO A/B test is easier than you think with Polkadot Tiger. Just navigate to the ‘Tests’ section on the left side of the interface. Click on the ‘Create a Test’ option from the dropdown menu. 

You are now ready to specify the settings of your test. Pay attention though, once you save the settings and the test goes live (reaches its start date and moves to the active test phase), the elements of your test cannot be changed. 

You will need to input the following elements:

  • Title & Description - Name your test (the description is a non-mandatory field)
  • Type - Specify the category that the test you are running falls into (i.e. Page, Post, Product)
  • Website & Page - Select the website you want to work on (if you have multiple in your account) then specify the page you want this test to run on
  • Search Terms - Add the keywords you want to analyse later and specify their match type (i.e. Exact focus or Contain ficus)
  • Variations - Write the metadata title & description combinations you want to test
  • Schedule - Pick the start date then add in how long you want each metadata variation to run for

After specifying these, review your settings once again and schedule the test.

If the start day is today, your test will go live as soon as the system finished reviewing your settings. If the test is scheduled to a future date, it will go live on the day you specified.