After you have specified the Wordpress site and page of your test, you need to set up the search terms.

This means that you need to determine which match type and what keywords you want to focus on. This is going to let Polkadot Tiger know which phrases it needs to analyse and show the results when reviewing the performance of the test.

First, select a match type. 

(Important note: you always need to specify the match type before you can add in a keyword.)

  • Exact Focus: If you select this option, Polkadot Tiger will only focus on search queries that exactly match your keyword

  • Contain Focus: If you choose this route, the system will show the results for test for all search queries that contain the target keyword you added

Pro tip: For keywords that are key to your SEO strategy, we recommend using the Exact Focus match type. 

In the field below the match type, you can write in your targeted keyword(s). 

Depending on your pricing plan, you can add more phrases to the search term field. Be careful though, you first need to specify the match type for each keyword you input. After you typed in your keyword press enter or click on ‘Add’ for the test to target it.