You can review the results of your tests by clicking on the test you are interested in within the Tests section.

You will then see a graph showing the performance of the test. You can select the metric you want to track by clicking on the buttons in the top right hand corner of the graph. The CTR, Ranking, Impressions and Clicks will all be displayed with different coloured lines.

To see what the individual metrics mean, please visit the Terminology chapter.

You can also see the baseline data on the graph. This is the performance of the metadata that was originally written for the page. You can easily compare it to how the different variations performed by comparing the dotted line (the baseline) to the other lines. (The baseline data is pulled in from the Google Search Console and shows the combined performance of the last 30 days.)

If you want to see how variation tested performed, look at the area of the graph above the specific variation. Each variation will have a particular period in which it runs. The start and end dates of the period are shown by a vertical grey line on the graph.

In addition, you can also view the performance filtered by search terms. You can see a dropdown menu on the upper left corner of the graph. Here you can breakdown the results per each search term you specified previously. If you don’t adjust this, the system will automatically display the performance for all terms. This default chart is an average of all search terms combined so it gives you a good overview of performance but not exact data.