1. Download the Polkadot Tiger Plugin

Your very first step is to download our plugin & upload it to Wordpress.

How do you do that? 

  1. Log in to your account at polkadottiger.com

  2. Navigate to the ‘Available’ page within the ‘Websites’ tab on the left side of the interface

  3. Click on the ‘Connect’ button next to the website you want Polkadot Tiger to run on

  4. Download the plugin

  5. Upload the plugin to your Wordpress website or ask your developers to help

2. Connect your Wordpress site to the plugin

Next, once you have installed and activated the plugin, you have to connect your site to our tool.

  1. If you are following directly from step 1, please skip to 2.4 Go to the ‘Available’ section within the ‘Websites’

  2. Click ‘Connect’ on the website you want to optimise

  3. Select the ‘I have installed the plugin’ option

  4. Go to your Wordpress admin interface

  5. Look for Polkadot Tiger within the Settings section

  6. Copy the Polkadot Tiger API Key from there

  7. Go back to the ‘Available’ page inside Polkadot Tiger and type in your Wordpress username and the API Key to the form and click ‘Connect’

  8. Congrats, you are ready to launch your first test

3. Create a test 

It is time to have some fun with your metadata. Now that you have connected your website to our plugin, you can start testing.

  • Navigate to the ‘Create a test’ section within the ‘Test’ menu (left side of the screen)

  • Name your test and provide a brief description if you need it

  • Select the type of the page you want to optimize

  • Pick the site you want to test (if you have multiple connected)

  • Type in the title of your page or the name of your product to the ‘Search Pages or Product’ field

  • Decide the match type you want the test to run for. Either select ‘Exact Focus’ for exact matches, or ‘Contain Focus’ for partial matches

    • Exact match: the page is displayed to search queries that exactly match your specified keywords or are very close variants to it (i.e. your pages is shown for searches that have the same meaning as your exact keyword, regardless of spelling or grammar differences)

    • Partial matches: The page will be shown to searchers who are typing in your exact keyword or close variants of it, with additional words before or after the search terms

  • Enter the search term(s) to the appropriate field

  • Add at least 2 meta title & description combinations you want to test

  • Select the start date

  • Decide on how long each variation should be shown for (- we recommend min. 15 days per version.)

  • Review your settings

  • Launch your test by clicking on the ‘Queue For Activation Test’ button if your test will begin on the current day or ‘Schedule Test’ to for tests that will activate in the future.

  • Review your results regularly and see which version will take your page to the next level

4. View your results

After you have your tests set up and running, the real excitement begins. You can track & monitor your results in the ‘Tests’ section (We will update your test with information as soon as we have it. Google typically has a 2 day delay for this information.) 

Click on the test that you want to analyse. You will see a graph of the performance of the test. You can see the results based on CTR, ranking, impressions and clicks. 

Once the test is completed, Polkadot Tiger will identify the variation with the best performance statistically and recommend you to choose that particular variation to keep.