Before launching a test, you need to connect your Wordpress site to Polkadot Tiger. Depending on your selected Pricing Plan, you can connect one or more than one sites to the tool. 

You set up the connection within the Available section. Click on the name of the website that you want to connect to the tool. (You might see more than one website listed here depending on how many sites are connected to your Google account through the Webmaster Tools.

If you have not already installed the plugin, please go to the ‘Download Polkadot Tiger’ chapter of this document. Otherwise, click on the ‘I have installed the plugin’ option (the last option in the popup message). 

Next, in a separate tab, go to the admin interface of the Wordpress site you want to optimise. (The admin page can usually be found by typing in your URL and adding “/wp-admin/). After logging into your Wordpress account navigate to the Settings tab. (You can find it on the left side of your Wordpress admin interface towards the middle of the page.)

When you hover your mouse over the Settings, you can see a menu appear with several options. Click on the Polkadot Tiger one. Here you will see the ‘Polkadot Tiger API Key’ title and below it a code within a black box. Copy the code to your clipboard.

Next, go back to the Polkadot Tiger app. Type in your username that you use when logging into Wordpress. Below it, insert the copied code to the API Key field. 

Press enter or click on the button and you are done. You have successfully connected your Wordpress site to Polkadot Tiger. You can start running metadata tests to your pages within this site.